Avignon Festival Opened

11 july

In Avignon, the 65th time opened a theater festival. Its dominant feature this year will be choreographed. The festival program was again in the penultimate duet artistic directors Ortans Archambault and Vincent Beaudry (2013 festival led by renowned French director Olivier Py).

In the main program the Avignon Festival 35 productions, 15 of which were created especially for him. International Theatre Festival opened on July 6 in Avignon, showing three performances – ballet choreographer Anne-Karin Lescaut (Anne-Karine Lescop), production of Arthur Noziselya «Jan Karski» (novel by Yannick Haenel), and the play «The Suicide» by French director Patrick Pineau on the play by Nikolai Erdmann.

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