The Format

formation date:2004 participants:

Yuriy Utemov – bass guitar, Alexander Goncharuck – solo guitar, Dmitriy Buravitskiy – vocal, Sergey Vasilyev – percussion, Alexandra Safronova – key-driven instruments

spheres:music · punk rock

The group was formed in 2004. The main style – Punk rock. We started to rehearse in garage. First the group consisted of 3 members, then we’ve invited two more.

In 2005, 2006 we were invited to the rock festival «Belye Nochi», and there we took the 2-nd place. Also we performed in «Poisk» club, House of Culture «Avrora» on the birthday party of «The Grani» group, on the Youngsters’ Day in Cola town and also took the 2-nd place.

That do love:

Get together, drink beer and discuss new music.

We do not love: irresponsibility, laziness, treachery.


Nirvana, Blink 182, Naive and etc.


«Beliye Nochi» festival – 2005, 2006; «Poisk» club; the Youngsters’ Day in Cola; House of Culture «Avrora» on the birthday party of «The Grani» group.

The best performances:

House of Culture «Avrora» on the birthday party of «The Grani» group; «Beliye Nochi» festival

Participation in contests and festivals:

«Beliye Nochi» festival 2005,2006


we’re trying to release an album, creating new compositions


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