Sergey Arhipov


My name is Sergey Arhipov. I was born in Karelia, in village Salmi, but since 1961 I have been living in Murmansk: first in a wooden house on Kildinstroevskaya str., after that in a hostel on Polyrnye Zori str., than on Krasnoarmeyskaya, K.Egorova, Z.Kosmodemyanskoy streets, Fadeev Ruchey, Lenina avenue…

Now I live in Turku, I’ve moved here in 1998, and work as an exhibition organizer in Interclub of municipal Cultural Centre.

The most important part of my life is connected with Murmansk. I studied there in Pedagogical Institute. Worked as a journalist in newspapers “Komsomolets Zapolyarya”, “Rybny Murman”, on the radio-station “Nika” and in private publishing house “Solo” (I illustrated a guide book of Murmansk). In Murmansk I made friends with painters who made me interested in painting.

My first exhibition of graphics in Murmansk was organized in Regional Art museum in 1991 thanks to painters Sergey and Vera Chebotar, Inna Shutilova, Nikolay Zavertaylo, Mikhail Lapin. After that I could participate in collective exhibition of Murmansk painters in Art Museum in Rovaniemi (Finland) in 1992. During 1994-96 my works have been exhibited in Murmansk private gallery “Solo”. In 1997 there was my personal exhibition in Murmansk Regional Library of Science.

I remember my participation in annual exhibition of painters in Jämsä (Finland) in 2002 where according to the spectators’ rating my canvas “Creation of the World” got “the bronze” among 250 paintings of 120 painters from the whole country.

In Murmansk I felt real benevolent attention to my works from either my friends or wider audience (mass media). I considered it as a beforehand advance for the beginner. But the support made its work: painting became not only a hobby but also a job.

Finnish public also had interest to my works. In 2001 in TV report Finnish public was first time told about a painter from Murmansk. After that there was a report of Sankt-Peterburg 5 TV Channel about Russian painter in Turku. In November there was a program on 1st Finnish channel YLE 1 «Lämmin Väri» («Warm color»), and a month later – an interview on Radio Suomi. Internet magazine Unikankare.net published my paintings-jokes about Finnish lifestyle. They were noticed by the president of Finland Tarjya Halonen who visited my exhibition in Rajsio library. She liked the paintings, left her autograph in visitors’ book. I’m also proud of high appreciation of experienced specialist in painting and famous collector Matty Coyvurint, founder of the Museum of Modern Art and History of Turku Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova.

...Such a long time passed after the day when Murmansk painter Vera Fedotova first showed me her illustrations to Babel’s stories and I asked how had she done it…

Probably my works can be so-called “naive art”. There is a reason for that: first, the paintings are very simple indeed, second, my skills are not so good, and third I do like painters of naive art myself.

Thank you for calling on this page.


Personal exhibitions:

  • Gallery Tuorlan Majatalo, Piikkio 2007;
  • Congress Hall of Christian School, Turku 2006;
  • Institute of Russia and East Europe, Helsinki 2005;
  • International Cultural Centre, Turku 2005;
  • “Kraft” Gallery, Turku 2005;
  • Art-Café “Strawberry Glade”, Turku 2004;
  • City Concert Hall, Turku 2004;
  • Community of Finland and Russia, Turku 2004;
  • Russian Club, Turku 2004;
  • City Library, Raisio 2004;
  • Children House of Culture Halinen, Turku 2004;
  • International Club, Turku 2004;
  • Office of European project ETMO, Turku 2003;
  • Varissuo Library, Turku 2003;
  • Orthodox temple, Espoo 2003;
  • International Cultural centre, Turku 2002;
  • Hotel “Kalkstrand”, Parainen 2001;
  • Regional Library of Science, Murmansk 1997;
  • Art Gallery “Solo”, Murmansk 1994-96;
  • Regional Art Museum, Murmansk 1991.

Collective exhibitions:

  • Municipal Cultural Centre of Turku 2007;
  • International Christmas fair, Turku 2006;
  • Institute of Russia and East Europe, Helsinki 2006;
  • Art Gallery Nuuttila, Virrat 2006;
  • International Christmas fair, Turku 2005;
  • Annual exhibition ARS JOK’VARS, Jämsä 2005;
  • Consulate General of Russia, Turku 2005;
  • International exhibition, Turku 2005;
  • 5th Cultural Forum Russia-Finland, Turku 2004;
  • Museum-castle Turun Linna, Turku 2004;
  • Annual exhibition ARS JOK’VARS, Jämsä 2003;
  • Consulate General of Russia, Turku 2002;
  • Haihara Art Centre, Tampere 2002;
  • Annual exhibition ARS JOK’VARS, Jämsä 2002;
  • Art museum of Lapland, Rovaniemi 1992.


  1. № 1 EXCEVAHAM / 15 december 2010

    Как это повлияет на Россию?

  2. № 2 Валентина Попова / 20 july 2010

    Сережа, здравствуй! Тебя прbветствует Ковдор. Нужна твоя компетентная помощь. Отзовись. Привет от Надежды.
    можно писать valen@mels.ru

  3. № 3 Саша Жданов / 20 march 2010

    Балтийский привет горячему финскому парню )))))))

  4. № 4 Славик / 23 february 2009

    Сережа, привет!

    Пишет тебе Славик из Трускавца. Помнишь меня?
    Пожалуйста, сообщи мне твой домашний адрес и номер твоего мобильного телефона.
    Где твой друг Саша Овчинников? Передай ему привет.
    Пиши. Буду рад получить твою весточку.

    Мой домашный адрес:
    Станислав Варивода,
    ул. В.Ивасюка, 15, кв. 64,
    г. Трускавец,
    Львовская область,

    Мой мобильный телефон:


  5. № 5 Алексей Макаров:) / 4 june 2008

    Привет!Согласен с Натальюшкой:)))

  6. № 6 Наталья Языкова / 24 february 2008

    Ура!!!! Сережка, ты здесь!!!! Здорово!!!! Надеюсь, мы сможем здесь увидеть твои новые творения и вспомнить старые. Ты очень талантливый! Люблю тебя!

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