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Real name – Artemyi

Was born in Murmansk, in 1987.

I have been composing my own music since 2002. The carrier of dj bagan in 2008 after joining the crew “51 Urban Drum’n’bass”.

Now the active work upon promotion of drum`n`bass in Murmansk region is going on. Some performances in other regions of Russia are planned.

Step by step big creative plans are taking shape. I`m in process of creation of mutual tracks with the members of 51 U.DNB and with producers from Pyatigorsk – Grinda + ZigZag.

In september of 2008 the project «Flamewaverz» (M4Mind & ZigZag) was created. It turned out to be fruiful cooperation. The project recommended itself at British label «Subfuzion Records», where releases will be produced in digital and vinyl formats.

Played in cities: Murmansk, Saint Petersburg

LP collection: growing month by month

Favourite labels: echnique, Viper, Ram, Break Beat Kaos etc.

Music is – human gift to release thoughts in sound vibrations. Merit of the whole world. It`s not hard to write music -much more harder to cut out extra notes.

That do love:

Everything that is exellent, harmonious, beautiful…


Everyone who makes sizeable contribution in music


01.DJ Art «Future Forces»

Label: Macrovision

Format: CD

Date: 20.06.06

M4Mind – Rancid M4Mind – Razor Blade

02.DJ Art «From Russia With Love»

Label: Gunsta

Format: CD

Date: 16.08.06

M4Mind – Starting Plate In Space

03.Pirate Station 5 «Russian version»

Label: KDK

Format: CD

Date: 15.02.07

M4Mind – Rancid

04.Grinda+ZigZag «Kaiser’s Stuff»

Label: Respect Records

Format: CD

Date: 26.02.08

Voyager (feat. M4Mind) Difficult Times (feat. M4Mind)

05.DJ Art «Jump Up Drum’n’bass vol.1»

Label: Audio Boutique

Format: CD

Date: 09.07.08

M4Mind – Breathing Room

06.Russian Drum’n’bass 03 Label: Record & Pirate Station

Format: CD

Date: 20.08.08

M4Mind – Hunter

07.Grinda+ZigZag+M4Mind «Runnin Wild EP»

Label: Respect Records

Format: Digital

Date: 21.10.08

1 Running Wild

2 Silence Killer

3 Statist

4 Alien (M4Mind remix)

08. Russian Drum’n’bass 04

Label: Record & Pirate Station

Format: CD

Date: 01.04.09

M4Mind – Music Maniac

09. M4Mind – Hunter EP

Label: Pirate Station

Format: Digital

Date: 07.05.09

M4Mind – Hunter

Grinda+ZigZag – Alien (M4Mind remix)

M4Mind – Breathing Room

M4Mind – Lovestep

10. Audioboutique EP 2

Label: Pirate Station

Format: Digital

Date: 14.05.09

M4Mind – Funky Boy

11. Flamewaverz – Atlanta / Saw

Label: Subfuzion Records

Format: Digital

Date: 3.07.09

The best performances:

Each performance is unforgettable

Participation in contests and festivals:

November 2007 – Contest «Rubilnik» – Ledokol

April 2008 – Festival «Severnyi project» – Pilot


Working upon my album, bethought compositions, promotion of 51 Urban Drum’n’bass and Promo Records


  1. № 1 M4Mind / 13 november 2009

    Так держу, Марк! =)

  2. № 2 Mark Hyper / 10 november 2009

    так держать Тема)

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