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The first preconditions were mutal kickbacks with my friend in 1995 – we were compiling on tape-recorder. I began with the group of enthusiasts in 2001 with techno on borrowed vynil. By 2004 I gathered collection of techno.That I have benn working with untill now. Jungle appeared in my collection recentely, when I moved to Saint Petersburg, where I live now. I like it.

Favourite labels: VanDit, Anjunabeats, Hooj, Cyber, Nu-Urban Music, Ganja

Collection of vinyl:enough

Played in cities: Murmansk and region, Vitebsk, Polotsk

Music is what makes you swear because of hapiness and wonder in music shop.

That do love:

Mountain bike (freeride), eco-tourism, fishing, parties in Kola.


Paul Van Dyk, ATB, Hype.


Slavyanskyi bazar, Bombadrom, payed during the performance.

The best performances:

Polotsk (Piranhas & Revolvers), all the vents in frames of Toxigen project

Participation in contests and festivals:

Slavyanskyi bazar, Miss Nordbike


Working upin quality of mixing

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